Acclaim Games Announces new content and studio acquisition plan

The free to play market is growing rapidly and Acclaim wants to solidify its leadership position further. Acclaim now has in development (or has already published) 20 multi-player online games, and it continues its journey towards becoming the biggest online game publisher in the United States.

“Acclaim Games is now in a growth phase, we are rapidly expanding worldwide, and are steadily releasing each of our games in 18 Languages”,
says Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim Games. “We are also excited that we will soon be announcing our 10 millionth registered player!”

“We have set up server farms in Europe to enhance our geographic delivery, and have been writing custom tools to involve our community more than any other publisher in the world”, says Neil Malhotra, CTO of Acclaim Games. “Every game we make uses our single worldwide currency, and all games developed in-house have a requirement of including advanced web based / user-generated tools for the gamers.”
To continue its staggering growth, Acclaim Games is in the process of acquiring online games from publishers, operators and developers. “That can also mean purchasing or partnering with other online operators, our business model offers developers the most revenue in the industry” says Marks.

“I often get asked what I’m looking for”,
says David Perry, Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim Games. “The answer is simple… We want the most innovative and fun online games, period. The games must be multiplayer, they must be compatible with the free-to-play business model (as that market is far outpacing the console market), and they must be able to scale to massive traffic. We are also interested in large scale multiplayer Flash Games. Ideally, we want games we can release soon, that already have had some testing, as our community has an insatiable appetite.”

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