Acclaim launches Knight’s Blood game!

Acclaim Games is pleased to announce the official launch of Knight’s Blood, an online multiplayer role-playing game where players fight for honor and earn their daily bread by carrying out assignments of knighthood. Swear your oath of knighthood and choose your own destiny and allegiance through the decisions you make in-game!

Knight’s Blood is a free to play browser-based RPG for gamers 13+ years old. The browser-based game is part of Acclaim’s offering of more browser-based immersive game experiences. Once you have registered for Knight’s Blood you find yourself on the overview page of your knight. Here you can find important information about your character and also your personal link, with which you can convert knaves to knights online by placing the link appropriately. You can invest your Gold in training for your character to improve his/her attributes or you can buy better equipment. You can directly challenge other knights to a duel, whereby your character abilities and equipment play an important role.

Your knight can also choose the good or evil aspects of the missions they undertake as either a Knight of the Light or member of the Horde of Darkness. Choose from hundreds of weapons, suits of armor, shields, amulets and rings to improve your fighting abilities.
Customize your character avatar, and even your own individual coat of arms; there are billions of possible combinations! As with other Acclaim titles, players can purchase items and additional in-game currency using Acclaim Coins.

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