Admirable Qualities: Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley


There aren’t a lot of people that talk about positives these days. We always see things we don’t like, things we hate, people that are awful. I’m guilty of that sometimes, I will certainly admit. But when there are only bad things in the news, we have to bring them to light. But today I’m going to talk about something I like, someone I admire in the gaming community. Some people might go “Hurr, dick ridin'” or some silly shit, but you people can just shut up.  The FGC has its heels and its positive influences, but I honestly and genuinely think that few people are as positive and uplifting as EG|KBrad. Kenneth Bradley is probably the most positive person in the FGC that I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to, outside of my own circle that is. But the fighting game scene can definitely be a source of salt, aggression and in general, petty squabbles. Everyone wants to be the best and sometimes people figure putting others down will help them climb. Spoiler Warning: We can all grow together guys. It’s not just because of KBrad’s wins and successes in the FGC, it’s the never-give-up attitude and the positivity that I appreciate.


I don’t always agree with his opinions on characters or favorite games and et cetera but who cares? I don’t agree with a lot of people! Nevertheless, I do look up to him and appreciate what he’s done for the community. He gets to do what he loves [as do I but on a much larger stage!] and no matter how bad things get, he doesn’t talk shit or complain. He dusts himself off, gets back in and trains harder. One of my great weaknesses in fighting games is that I become discouraged when I can’t find a main, or I lose tons of matches in a row. It’s deflating, but listening to KBrad talk about it, or reading his words of wisdom about never giving up and getting back out there, I genuinely feel better. Why else do I have a Pax photo up of me doing the Shadaloo Pose? That’s from me watching Excellent Adventures, which I’ll get to in another segment. It’s always nice to have people in the FGC that are willing to be a source of positivity and be uplifting to people, no matter how good or bad they are. He didn’t even know me and was more than willing to talk to me and wasn’t rude, snide or snippy. His Snapchat is filled with hilarity, interesting stories, and in general just uplifting shit. It’s the little things that help and I am very fortunate to be able to count KBrad as a friend. Kudos to him and to Evil Geniuses!

The world can use more positivity. K-Brad, keep doing you man. Before too long, we might even have him on Bottom Tier if schedules ever align! Have you guys had any real positive experiences in the fighting game community?

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