Adventure Quest Worlds Showdown with Vordred is Here

Vordred Showdown is Here!



The tenth and final piece of the DoomWood saga, featuring the boss battle with the PaladinSlayer Vordred, will be released tonight in AdventureQuest Worlds!


The Beginning

The story of Doomwood began 10 weeks ago with a massive undead army invasion ordered by Vordred. The undead army had destroyed all but one of the towns in Doomwood and was preparing to attack the last one.


Many brave paladins (whose light-based magic deals devastating amounts of damage against the undead) went to fight Vordred. But none of them came back. Artix, one of the major characters in AdventureQuest Worlds, appeared to be the last remaining paladin. For his own safety, the players locked him up in a jail cell. If they hadn’t, his urge to fight the undead would’ve brought him straight to Vordred and he would’ve suffered the same fate as the other missing paladins.


As it turns out, Vordred is immune to light-based attacks… probably because he is protected by more skulls than any other villain in the history of gaming.



The Revelation

Over the next nine weeks, with Artix in jail, players battled their way through the Chopping Maul (a shopping mall for the undead), infiltrated their way into the Tower of Necromancy, posed as students at the Necromancer U (where else would the evil guys learn how to control the undead?), and freed a dracolich (an undead dragon) in an attempt to discover Vordred’s secret weakness. But instead of Vordred’s secret, the players learned Artix’s.


Artix’s axe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, is not light magic-based and Artix isn’t able to cast light-based spells on his own. The axe’s power comes from spirits of the undead. In his lifetime, Artix has slain many undead. Most of them didn’t choose to be undead and were turned against their will. The undead spirits were grateful for being rescued and chose to stay and help Artix battle against more unwillingly-turned undead.



Vordred’s plan

Vordred teamed up with his master Noxus, the super powerful Lich responsible for creating Vordred himself. Together, they invaded the undead city of Shadowfall and stole the undead army from Gravelyn, the Empress of Shadowfall (evil faction leader of the game). Noxus let his guard down and with Gravelyn’s help the players were able to defeat him.


Then, Vordred took the members of the band ArcAttack hostage and forced them to use their Singing Tesla Coils to charge him up into an even more powerful form. The players joined the band and cranked up the voltage to try to fry Vordred. The plan failed. Instead of getting fried, Vordred got a huge charge… and became even more powerful.



The End

Now, it’s time for the ultimate battle with Vordred. The final boss battle is different from the previous one in the game. It will have five different possible endings, each with its own unique cut-scene and reward. Do you have what it takes to defeat the most powerful undead creature who ever un-lived? Battle Vordred in the epic DoomWood Finale now at!

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