Aeria Games Acquires Cronous for North American Release

Free-to-play PC game publisher, Aeria Games has acquired Cronous — the classic MMORPG game developed by Lizard Interactive for distribution in North America.

Aeria Games will add Cronous to its portfolio of free MMORPG games such as Shaiya and Last Chaos to offer a release that may have a different appeal to players. Cronous is a more traditional MMORPG game that has game play which is familiar to original Dungeons & Dragons and Diablo fans. Players can choose from classes such as Fighters, Valkryries (like Rogues), Magicians (like Wizards) and Savages (like Barbarians). Game characters gain special attacks and magic spells specific to their classes through leveling.

Around the world, Cronous attracted players for its massive amount of content including over 100 maps and dungeons as well as quests with variable storylines that are affected by the player’s actions. Aeria Games is confident that Cronous is a game that can occupy its players for a long, long time.

The exclusive North American release of Cronous through Aeria Games will be free-to-play with no upfront or monthly costs. Special in-game items and decorative equipment will be available for optional purchase using Aeria Points — the universal currency on the Aeria Games portal.

Cronous will be available for beta testing in July 2008 and release is expected for August 2008. More information is available on the Cronous Web site at

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