Aeria Games Announces Closed Beta Date for Kitsu Saga

Aeria Games Announces Closed Beta Date for Kitsu Saga


Aeria Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, is nearly ready to begin Closed Beta Testing (CBT) for Kitsu Saga, the latest title in its catalog of free-to-play online games. Kitsu Saga, an anime-inspired MMORPG that pairs players with the mischievous and mysterious fox spirits known as Kitsu, is scheduled to begin the CBT phase on October 1, 2010, and will open its doors to certain users who have signed up for the game.


Kitsu Saga


In anticipation of the game reaching this vital milestone, Aeria has launched a content-rich website for Kitsu Saga, where players can learn more about the Kitsu and their world. Filled with in-depth game guides, and sneak peeks via new screenshots and video, players can visit the new website.


Kitsu Saga transforms players into neophyte martial artists, seeking to survive the rigors of training under their faction’s school and become full-fledged warriors to defend their realms from evil. Along the way, they will be joined by the Kitsu, a tribe of helpful foxes descended from a holy nine-tailed spirit. Players will be able to bring the Kitsu’s magic into battle, as well as build relationships with Kitsu for powerful items and artifacts. Players can still get into the CBT until it begins in October, by visiting the official website.


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