Aeria Games Charts Course To Mysterious New Lands In Shaiya Expansion

Aeria Games Charts Course To Mysterious New Lands In Shaiya Expansion




The search for the Trinity Artifacts in Shaiya spreads to fresh and enigmatic territory with the release of the new expansion from Aeria Games. Also known to Shaiya players as the long-awaited Episode Six, Trinity Artifact unleashes an increased level cap and dangerous new zones to explore in the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).



The Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury have expanded their war to the islands of Mystra, where they hope to find more clues as to the whereabouts of the fabled Trinity Artifacts. But they get more than they bargain for when they meet the mysterious locals, the Threemas, who are embroiled in their own civil war with the sinister Risen. Players will need to secure a foothold for their faction’s chosen island and aid the Threemas if they want their help in hunting for the Trinity Artifacts.



The action heats up as the level cap rises to 80, and players will need the increased power to combat Mystra’s treacherous new monster species, many of which are the result of twisted Risen experiments. Two huge islands comprise the new zones, each housing deadly enemies and challenging new dungeons. Shaiya’s cutting-edge PvP also gets more thrilling with the addition of powerful new skills and gear sets.

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