Aeria Games Leaks News of Sword Art Online MMO

Aeria Games Leaks News of Sword Art Online MMO



Thanks to our close relations at Aeria Games, we’ve been granted an early glimpse at the plans behind the recent acquisition of Gamepot, and believe it or not, their first joint title is set to be none other than a F2P Sword Art Online MMORPG!



“This is a great milestone for Aeria,” said Lan Hoang, founder and CEO of Aeria Games. “Our acquisition of Gamepot was indeed a powerful strategic move to capitalize on this Japanese company’s unique design philosophy while gaining a powerful ally in increasing market share in Japan. With the simultaneous beta tests of Sword Art Online coming up in Japan and North America, we’re sure to see our largest launch to date.”



Although details remain scarce, our insider points out that many signature characters from the related Anime IP will be present in the game and controlled by GMs during set events. Characters will also unlock specific powers based on an extensive 300 question personality quiz given upon creation, some of which won’t surface until much later in the game (to prevent too much rerolling). Permadeath will be present and elements of sandbox city building are in the works. We look forward to bringing you more details on this surprise title of 2013 as they become available.



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  • dsfasdfsdf

    this video is from the psp game infinity tower

    • toby

      this is team fortress .-.

  • Tsuyo-sa Shiro

    My best pal is a beater for the game, he has erased 2 players and is doing great in it, plus, you get to keep your stuff after beta

    • Dewey Coe

      how did he get the beta i am interested.

      • Ampexi

        Tsuyo is just trolling … this is psp game

        • Henoire


  • it’s_me

    Don’t scare me like this ffs. Aeria to make SAO? you just stole 10 years from my life

  • ADirtyToilet

    Sadly if Aeria Games picks up Sword Art Online, its just game over. Aeria Games has been known to build up a game and ruining it and then dropping it within a year or 2. with pay to be the best items or gears. id rather see a subscription fee and them not ruining the game like they do with all their other games they have thrown into the trash.

    • M

      i agree i love sword art online and seeing the trailer kinda ruined it for me we should wait a few years till virtual reality is more advanced

  • Kalel Lee

    i wanna play this

  • Marwin Chindawat


  • kirito the boss

    i cant wait ti’ll reality makes a game like sao with the “you’re stuck in the game bs” and when they do idc im playing that shit


      who wouldn’t

      • luxraydemon

        sounds like the best opertunity to live like we always wanted

        • iraku

          i agree especially if its a RPG!

          • Teereee

            RPG + permadeath + real life=SAO

        • speedyquader

          I would definitely play it as a VRMMO, even without a logout feature… not sure about the death stuff, but probably would still play

          • Saya

            Yeah me too… And even if I would get stuck in there… there is nothing to come back for…

          • Kirito

            “A game where your life isn’t on the line is a piece of cake”

    • Kat Grabon

      me too

    • Masuko

      ya you get stuck and die while im in real life thinking glad i waited

    • peachgirl1245

      i would not cair eather hell if they made a game like SAO right now i would do what ever i could to live their even if my life would be as risk it would be a better life their then here…..

    • right

    • lucydradneel00

      yess i think i can wait seven years if it means that sqao will be real life and as for me in 2022 u know what me and my fellow otakus will be doing!

  • kieran sao

    i would so play this game i loved the series

  • Wow….

    That gameplay and pics are Sword Art Online Infinity Moment from PSP -/.-

  • darkhyen

    you guys know this is fake its a rick’n rolled click the website link that they give.

  • EpicImaginer

    For this to actually be a system to work, you would need a few more years of technology. Heck, we already made the Occulus Rift, and we have machines that pick up all brain activity, we should be able to combine the two within a decade or so.

  • AlphaDragonStar

    How do you get into the game itself?


    hahahahahahahaha…….. this is great more gamers and fans are interested……..
    SAO really rocks…… lets all meet in the other world……..

    • xer0

      is that you isen? long time no see………… I still remember that I lose to you many times………….. this time I will destroy and defeat you this time……..he he he he he.

  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    hey i cant wait for virtual game comes out imma be first to play it watch cause im gonna make it happen its gonna be just like SAO PROMISE

  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    Kirigaya Kazuto

  • Anonymous

    The trailer is complete bullshit, this game actually exists but it’s a PSP game and it has not been translated (JAP only).

  • Sonny Zuvich

    I think in order to make V/R possible on a scale like this, there would be brain chip and implants on the spinal cord needed not to mention a way to trick the brain in thinking the subject is sleeping. I don’t see how it’s possible, but im not saying it isn’t.I am simply saying we don’t even know what consciousness is, much less how to treat ourselves as observers.

    • luxraydemon

      we all could have a hands and feet and even a chest plate with he helm then make it to were in a sphere and when we run it doesn’t make noise but we don’t go anywhere but the game conclusion make it so its silent gyroscope and wont stop when your running.

  • Vocaloidaddict

    This is not an MMO. It’s from the PSP-Game SAO: Infinity Moment..


    its kinda ok .. lol

  • cat rules

    i want to play it so bad

  • bloxxertar

    ok every one check EPOC and the MYO armband

  • Space Ghost

    Having played games with Aeria since 2009, if and that’s a big if they pick it up when some company decides to make SAO a mmorpg they will probably pick a better company than Aeria to publish it, Perfect World would be a better choice.

  • PandoraArtists

    I think that it would be great to see SAO made into a game so that others can become a part of its world; but I am not sure that technology is ready for it. Of course it would be possible to not make it a virtual reality game, but to truly capture SAO virtual reality would be ideal. Technology is getting closer to virtual reality with things like the “Oculus Rift” but there is still a long way to go.
    I would much rather see this attempted in a few years so that it can be the best that it can be. Even in the anime it says that the year is 2022 when the game comes out, that is actually a pretty spot on time for a game like this to be possible. Though it would drive me insane to wait that long, it could be worth it.
    Hope you enjoyed my big long paragraph, I really need to learn how to write less

    • lucydradneel00

      yes if we waited until it was fully deveolopwed ib be willing to wait until 2022 thats only seven or so years away i think they can do it, as for the otakus and me we’ll be waiting!

  • Mai

    Is there a “Sword Art Online” we can play off the internet. Like if it was the real thing?

  • Yuri-Kun


  • Eksdi

    I hope this game will be realeased soon

  • Mavis

    I think it would be better if they made a real mmo where you can fully customize your characters and weapons.

  • renageel

    hey i have a question… im new here and i would like to know if there really is a SAO online game

    • Name

      On PSP ANd PSVITA Te Games Are Hollow Fragment ANd SOmething ELse On PSP

  • dude

    click official site to get rick rolled

  • Koan uchiha

    Is the nerve gear going to be on sale because I saw in the trailer they were using something to play the game and do you play as Kirito??

    • Chris Robet

      that was the oculus rift

  • kirito the boss

    that is retarded why not have a game like SAO and still be able to exit the game so it is no life and death matter

  • kirito

    hi how do u join sword art online im new.

  • Kirito

    The way things are going vrmmorpg’s like sao and alo could be real. I cant fuckin wait

  • StarBustStream

    how can i download this game ?

  • TEO

    if it really posible to make the game like the anime i would buy it for sure even if the anime says it’s 2022 it’s like 8 years from now it takes too long to wait now i jsut waiting the new season of SAO to watch it well good luck with this game make

  • charles

    love the Japanese version

  • charles

    ill be a pk probbaly jk or am i

  • Chandra Purnama

    the SS looks like taken from PS Vita Sword Art Online Hollow Fragament

  • Stickler

    They just need to stop this bullshit. They just have to make MMO-Singleplayer where you can play as Kirito, or a own unique character. No not that PSP/PSVITA version, just full PC-PS4 Xbox etc version.

  • Kiriguya Kazuto

    These games sound aswome I cant wait

  • kirito

    how can i play sword art online

  • NO!

    there is no game

  • icer107

    Bah, it’s a game based on the story. Total turn-off. Besides, you can’t really make SAO a game, as no-one knows what the last 30 floors bosses are, unless they showed in the manga.
    If this ever is a thing, make 100 floors, true permadeath, always, no way around. huge bosses and random enemies roaming around. Even so, they probably will mix ALO in, which will ruin everything.

  • HK Stardust

    when is it coming out damn it

  • Joshzingaa

    i would be really happy, if they would make a SAO-Game as normal mmorpg *-*

  • Rungnapa Nuntawattanasirichai


  • ArcestrY

    SAO have a game now ?? how can i Download this game please Link me ?? Can i

    Do we have Online Game ?

    • ArcestrY

      reply here please thanks

      • anon of the world

        no, we dont

  • Derpyderpy derp

    Oh sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • jadendabomb1

    i want to play plz

  • Frodo Teabaginz

    no pleas god no any one but aeira they never allow the use of numpad god pleas no the potintial of SAO is going to die so fast if aeira gets there terabad hands on SAO

    i was seariously hoping a real gaming company would take up SAO aeria is awful

  • Frodo Teabaginz

    the devs at aeria need to be schooled in how to properly make an MMORPG and how to program the hole numpad in for keybind controles

  • Sterben

    I cant wait for it to come ive always waited fro a time like this

  • Henoire

    Aren’t two of these screen shots actually from the sao PSVITA game not an mmo?

    Edit: I just watched the trailer all of this stuff is from the PSVITA game even strea (purple haired girl at the top

  • jackdao

    BUt dieing in SAO…. not really…

  • Luis Felipe Costa

    gente como goja

  • chinami rose

    i love sword art online so much and i wan more i love them and the sword art online season 2 this is my best watch ever

    • lucydradneel00

      yup ggo is awsome im waiting for the next eposode


    where do i download this game?

  • anon of the world

    the “gameplay footage” is just footage from sao: hollow fragment( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Epic Rage

    see the thing is its a story lined game not an actual mmorpg that multiple players can make guilds and etc…

  • ghostkid

    i never played this before how is it. (-=

  • oldschoolmangarules

    it’s amazing the shit people say. i can’t believe they really want a 24-hour-a-day game that kills them if their PC dies.
    is that what anime teaches kids now? to run away from their real life problems by entrenching themselves in MMORPGs and wither to death? there’s far too much world left in the world for many people to see (like a friend of mine said once), and if you gotta die, die like a fucking man, not like a vegetable. everyone’s gonna go someday, anyway.

    • lucydradneel00

      well if we all have to go someday then why not go out in awsomness well i know there are poeple fighting for us everywhere but thats for us to live how we want and if we dont what they fighting for? but how do u live i bet its boring and have you ever seen sao or alo or ggo i bet you havent but they all have a porpus so yes i do want to do out in one of the those games!

  • kirito