Aftercharge: Virtual Press-Tour Thoughts

Aftercharge 1

So, we were given the tagline that Aftercharge what happens when “The Invisible meet the Invincible” and I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I knew it was a 3v3 asynchronous multiplayer, kind of like a class-based shooter. But I didn’t know what to expect until we sat down with Chainsawesome Studios and their PR people. Colton and myself were unfortunately randomly seeded on opposite teams. This means all the cool strategies we normally use don’t work because we were both trying to do the same stuff! It was absolute madness. The way this game works is you have Guards, which have cool guns, grenades, and an airstrike, and the Robots, which are always stealthed [except when highlighted by the grenades/attacks, or when they’re attacking].  The game ends when you shut-down all three robots, or all the choke points/charging stations are destroyed. You can’t kill the Guards, but the robots can res each other an infinite amount of times and can send around a cool shield aura that will protect them while they punch away. This can only be done with teamwork because you share the points that go into it.

Aftercharge 2

Okay, I love this. Even aside from the fact that the game is visually gorgeous, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. The matches are short, incredibly short. I think our longest match was five minutes. The shortest was something like less than a minute. This game is presently in pre-alpha, and won’t be live until next year, but there will be more public tests in the near future. Right now there are just the basic guards and robots, but there is talk of having more classes on each side, to create more tactical opportunities/offer more variety other than changing the colors of your robot/guard. This is definitely a game where you and two friends can get together, create lots of strategy and teamwork, and push the other team around; sometimes literally! If you shut down a robot, you can push them away or around, setting them up hostage or pushing them behind a rock or something so it’s harder to see them. When you win or lose one side, you switch sides, but we stayed on the same team.

Aftercharge 3

For such a simple concept, I absolutely loved this. I like this style of tactical game, and games that won’t take an hour, two hours of my time are really the kind of game I spend my free time on [games that aren’t MMOs anyway] because I have only so much time in my day. However this was incredibly fun, and if they surely didn’t have more appointments/we didn’t have a stream to set up, I probably would’ve have asked to keep playing. Maybe they’ll let us set up some kind of Aftercharge live stream in the near future. It’s a simple concept, but one done quite well. The weaker the point you’re defending is, the slower the weapons of the Guards recharge. Otherwise, they get no more ammo! It’s directy tied to that energy, same with their accessories [strike/grenade]. I believe there’s no cooldown on the grenade yet either. So if the robots weaken the points, and get away, they can’t be chased since if they run out of ammo/energy, the invisible hulking robots can just lurk back into the night and find a new target. Aftercharge is a game of strategy, a game of incredible, high-energy action, packed into such a short period of time.

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  • Mike Guzman

    SOunds fun. Look forward to a stream