Age of Armor Dark Valley Challenging Competition

Dark Valley Challenging Competition
Dark Valley Challenging Competition Event now start at April 9, 2008, after the routine maintenance. End on April 11, 2008 at 11:59P.M.
During this three days periods, which team no matter it belongs to the Earth or the Mars, if only can a team defeat all the three instance dungeons ahead other teams, the Team members of this Dark Valley First Down team will get the Limited Transforming Modules as RAID First DOWN Prize.
1. Every Team must not change its team member when doing the Raid.
2. Make screen shots of each boss’s down, especially the final boss of each instance dungeon.
3. Screen shots of team members in one group, with name on the heads
4. The Modules will be given with a limited special package for transforming module.
5. The winners will be announced on April 16, 2008, and then the Limited Special Package for Transforming Module will be given by then. Each package’s price is 100USD!
Everyone has a chance to win!
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