Age of Armor Endless Crusade

This is not only a war between Mars and Earth, but the war to decide the fate of human beings. The Earth and the Mars have been on war state for centuries, however, the sudden invasion of the Daron legion disturbed the balance between the two forces, and the new universe order is under challenging.

From Recruit Base to Ice Planet, Battle planet to Space Station, the Daron legion’s pawls are reaching everywhere, the Daron legion enchant people’s mind, experimenting on what they can find, and the empire of human beings are nibbled by the Daron legions. The world of human beings is in danger, the fighters of the human beings are fighting for their right of living, the long march for living right continues, the Dark Valley is spotted, and be explored, the technology of transforming is acquired, and the human have new armor of transforming ability, however, the crusade does not reach its end.

The Crusade is just begun, Are you ready for the challenging of keeping the order of the universe?
Age of Armor, the Endless Crusade, now recruits. You will get a series of metal armor, and an area of creating your own honor!

Free Exciting, Age of Armor, not just a game.

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