Age of Armor online shop

Low attack on the battlefield? Low Survivability in Death Match? Want to be an army of one in Siege? Well now you have a chance to achieve your goals. Age of Armor is proud to present the coming of Item Shop. The thought of being better, faster, stronger is no longer a dream.
With better assistant items from item shop, upgrade becomes ease and higher survivability becomes a reality. Faster, with higher level chipsets prepare to rain down destruction upon your foes with brute force. Stronger, the ability to add multiple slots to your cabin and core to house multiple enhancers. So what are you waiting for? All it requires is Paypal and you will be well on your way in the history books of Age of Armor!

Age of Armor Online Shop: An enhancement towards power that shocks the entire universe. Coming Soon to a store near you. Each sold separately, batteries not included (unless it’s in game).
Age of Armor Item Shop, opens at 01:00 AM server time on 2007-12-14
Here are the Price:
9.99USD buy 750 points.
18.99USD buy 1500 points
27:99USD buy 2250 points

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