Age of Armor—Fight Mode

Under the influenced of the movie ‘Transformers’, topics of ‘robots’ and ‘armors’ become the keywords in people’s eyes. Among all the armor-based internet games, which one is the genuine king? The answer is Age of Armor. Its florid 3D images, attractive game stories, unique game system and battling modes determine its unshakable supreme role.

Unique transform system
After ‘Transformers’ has been published; it’s the time for players to taste the wonderful feeling of the transform system in Age of Armor.
Most people who have seen the movie – ‘Transformers’ must be attracted by robots’ shaking transform process. To fight as those big robot guys in the film will become an impulsion in certain people’s minds and they can accomplish this dream only in Age of Armor.

Robots’ transform process in the film will recur in Age of Armor whose realistic and porcelain 3D images couldn’t be found in any other 2D armor-topic games. Beside with excellent visible feeling, Age of Armor endows a fire-new content to ‘transform’ that the two forces and three races in this virtual world will have their own transform mode in future. For instance, Neo-human can transform into ultramodern battleplanes and hover in the air of battlefield; Natural Human can transform into all sorts of chariots and face the menace from both air and ground; Enhanced Human can transform into all kinds of monsters and become the absolute brunt in close battles which depends on their powerful defense and lofty close battle ability.
On the basis of its dazzling transform process and splendid battle scene, Age of Armor will construct a realistic fighting world for ‘transformer’. The future wars in Age of Armor will upgrade into the wars among ‘transformers’; the fans of ‘transformers’ will realize their twenty years’ dream in virtual battle field in future.

Expectant integrating system
Another relevant game system came out after the transform system. It is called integrating system which has close relationship with ‘transformers’.
In Age of Armor, a six-member team can integrate and turn into a huge armor warrior and after integrating, they separately act the function of head, body, arms and legs. The captain of the team definitely becomes the head of this huge armor warrior and controls all the action, whereas other members play other roles in random. The power of the armor and shield in this warrior will be recalculated according to six members’ armors and shields. At present, this weapon’s attack mode is close battle, however, its attack range is much wider than Enhances Human’s and it also has more powerful brisance.
But huge amour warrior could only exist for a period of time, which means if no one destroyed the huge amour warrior, it will dismiss automatically after certain minutes. Furthermore, the six members can’t integrate again during another period of time. If it is destroyed by enemies, it will also dismiss, meanwhile all the members will enter ruined state.
It can be imagined that this system will bring a brand-new war scene to Age of Armor. The huge armor warrior will turn into the utterly force in the battle field, however, it will the primary attack aim of opposed force. Generally, the final fighting between those huge armor warriors is expectant.
The future world wars in Age of Armor’ will be filled with transformers after the open of integrating system. Players can act as their most famous and favorite transformer fighters both according to their favorite patterns and using the adorning system in Age of Armor.

Various fighting mode
In future, ‘Combat’ will be the forever protagonist in the fighting field of Age of Armor. Players can taste different delighted feeling in distinct modes of battling. There are three fighting modes all together.
Firstly, the death leagues match which is the best stage in Age of Armor for players to show their battle ability. Here, everyone can use his/her weapons and armors to attack any other players and protect himself/herself to survive and gain more battle experience. The inclemency battling environment could reflect the fighting skill and survival ability of players. If you wish to show your outstanding ability, this arena is surely the best place for you to exhibit your personal heroism.
Secondly, if you want to experience the joy of teamwork, the four ectypal missions will satisfy your desire. In the inclement environment of those missions, success only attributes to those players who are of one mind and survive in the end. Moreover, the cooperation between players is significant, which means the more they cooperate with each other, the less damage they will suffer. After players have defeated the final boss, they would obtain rare equipment; meanwhile, they also receive the maximum joy of teamwork.
Thirdly, the server extinguish war can be only found in Age of Armor, in which the fate of server is controlled by players. At the same time, the destiny of two forces is also determined by this war (the victory part will be on the scroll of fame, whereas the defeated part will be exiled forever). Therefore, the two forces must exert their utmost to fight in this war not only for the sake of server, but also for their own fate. In conclusion, server extinguish war is the ultimate battle between two forces (Mars and Earth) with the biggest scope which also determines the destiny of the whole server.

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