Age of Civilization: Three new battle modes available


NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today detailed 3 of the exciting battle modes available now for the beta of new free-to-play strategy castle builder MMOG, Age of Civilization.

World Bosses
The world of Age of Civilization is littered with powerful bosses, including the ferocious Titans – an ancient race of giants that once dominated the land. Thought to be gone forever, a Titan has returned as part of Seth’s evil army and is attacking the Continent of Civilization every day.

Players can group up and tackle the Titan every day to help keep him away from the island, with the top 10 participating lords receiving bounties of rewards for their efforts.

Land the final blow that defeats the Titan and players will not only bag themselves some great extra treats, they will become the most revered hero in the land!

Faction Wars
Seth’s war march has caused chaos amongst civilizations, with disorder coming not just from the powerful evil forces, but from people’s fear as well. Factions are facing off against one another for stockpiles of supplies and goods. It’s a good way to build up resources, if you can win.

Daily Faction Wars challenge players to bring order to the land, and present an opportunity to bag extra resources. Daily rewards for defeating the disorderly challengers will see lords earn silver, wood, ore, and food for their camps.

Mass Routs
Players can also participate in the exciting Mass Rout battle mode, where they must square off against powerful, randomly selected groups of Seth’s forces for massive rewards.

During Mass Routs, Seth’s army attacks in increasingly difficult waves, culminating in a final boss with massively enhanced attributes, Players who fend off each wave and defeat the final boss will be rewarded like kings, depending on the amount of stars they earn.

Players may enter Mass Routs up to 3 times per day.

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