Age of Wushu US Launch Date Announced

Age of Wushu US Launch Date Announced



Chinese game developer Snail Game has just announced that its 3D Wuxia MMORPG, Age of Wushu, is about to launch in North America in February 2013! The game has been translated into English and is ready to kick of testing. The company’s American subsidiary, Snail Games USA, will play an important role in the game’s operation.



As the hottestinternet game in the Asia-Pacific region in 2012, Age of Wushu has more than 50 million users worldwide. On any given day in mainland China, there are more than a million fans discussing gameplay on the game’s official forum and on weibo (China’s answer to Twitter). In North America, the global Chinese language servers have been met with a great response. After open beta testing on August 8 this year, Age of Wushu caught the eye of many media outlets and has won some 32 prizes from mainland China’s media and industry organizations. Age of Wushu has long since taken China by storm; the game’s publication in North America heralds the beginning of Snail Game’s global operation strategy.



Age of Wushu is an epic work five years in the making, with an investment of more than 100 million RMB. The game broke the mold time and time again, introducing a class-free character growth model. It also knocks down the barriers on race and class barriers as seen in other MMORPGs. It features innovative player-versus-player action, random encounters and other Wuxia elements that plunge users headlong into Ming dynasty China. Before creating this vast game world, our development team studied all of China’s most famous historic and cultural sites that pertain to Wuxia culture, place likes Shaolin Temple and Emei Mountain. Age of Wushu game contains thousands of kung fu movements, including bread-and-butter external skills but also flying skills that allow players to gracefully walk on water or scale tall buildings. The game also features a special offline growth model in which characters live and grow even when the user is offline. This gives the game an interesting level of spontaneity and triggers all kinds of random encounters.



Age of Wushu is distinct for the level of cultural depth it introduces to players. For many years, Snail Game has developed its overseas market and introduced gamers across the globe to the joys of traditional Chinese culture. The game’s English version is complete and a brand new Age of Wushu official is in the pipeline. The website will let players in on even more details of the game, but in the meanwhile, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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