Alganon: Quest Online announces exclusive distribution agreement with IGN/Direct2Drive

Arizona online entertainment developer Quest Online LLC (QOL) announces the exclusive distribution agreement for its upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) title Alganon with IGN/Direct2Drive.
Players will be able to pre-order Alganon before the October 31, 2009 launch through Direct2Drive, and also through the Alganon website, giving access to the exclusive beta and bonus features which will not be available after launch.
Quest Online (QOL) has been working on Alganon for nearly four years now, and has been in private beta since July. “With less than a month until launch, things are as exciting as ever,” said David Allen, co-founder and President of QOL. “Teaming with the great folks at Direct2Drive will allow us to get Alganon in the hands of many hungry online gamers looking for a quality alternative to the existing MMOGs in the market.”
Those who pre-order Alganon will gain access to bonuses not available after launch, including study bonuses, mounts, character enhancement items, and family heirlooms.
“In addition to the pre-order system, IGN/FilePlanet also has exclusive rights to distribute BETA keys between now and launch. So if you want to get into BETA head over to FilePlanet. It’s very important for us to get quality testers that have a vested interest in the game, and we felt the pre-order system and teaming with FilePlanet was the best way to accomplish this goal.


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