Alganon: Ranger class presentation

Onrpg is proud to exclusively present the first class of the upcoming MMORPG Alganon: the Ranger!
Take a look at an exclusive wallpaper dedicated to this class by clicking here!
Rangers are masters of ranged combat and field control. They rely on their companions, animals that can be tamed in the wild, to fight their enemies.
Rangers also possess tracking, traps, and speed enhancing abilities.
A ranger alone is a vulnerable target, but a Ranger is rarely alone as a Ranger is always accompanied by an animal companion. The Ranger uses her understanding of nature and instinct to transform this companion into a fighting force equal to any class in Alganon.
Many rangers control the battlefield by use of toxins they can apply to arrows and other weapons. These toxins allow them to perform a large variety of actions, ranging from slows, to damage over time, to debuffs, and crowd control. A ranger may only apply one toxin per target, so a skilled Ranger plans her attacks in advance, choosing the right toxin for the right target.
As they learn to communicate with their animal companions, Rangers acquire skills in non-verbal communication. This ability to instill aggression, companionship, fear, confidence, and other emotions in their companions also comes in handy when interacting with more intelligent party members.
The core of a Ranger lies in their ability to control her companions. By building up rapport with her bestial companions, a Ranger can incite the beast, transforming it into a powerful weapon of war. Although the Ranger is best suited for controlling an animal companions, the beasts of the forests are not the only creatures affected by a Ranger’s presence. Rangers can also enhance the skills of their human companions, making a Ranger a welcome addition to any party.
This tree specializes in using toxins to limit the abilities their opponents. With toxins that range from damage-over-time, to the complete shutdown of their opponent’s actions, Survival Rangers are effective at reducing their opponent’s effectiveness on the field.
These specializations provide the Ranger with the ability to perform powerful attacks and do large amounts of damage to a single target. Rangers who follow their Instinct will become predators that no prey can escape.
These specializations enhance the defensive abilities of a Ranger’s companion, allowing the beast to stand its ground against wave-after-wave of attackers. Under the guidance of a Guardianship ranger, even the meekest of beasts becomes an unstoppable force.
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