Alganon release date has been set

The release date of Alganon has been set: October 31st, 2009! Players will be able to pre-order Alganon before the end of September 2009 through the main website and other yet unannounced digital distribution networks, giving access to the exclusive beta and bonus features which will not be available after launch.

Quest Online (QOL) has been working on Alganon for nearly four years now, and has been in private beta since July.

“The vision of Alganon is finally coming to life as we approach our release date,” said David Allen, co-founder and President of QOL. “Players have been looking for a quality alternative MMORPG for years now and we’re finally in a position to provide it. Beyond the core game, we have also built a unique social and data infrastructure with the MyAlganon system, a feature that’s integrated directly into the game.” David continued, “in addition, the new study system will allow players to both plan and grow their characters over a period of years, both online and offline. We have built our own client, server, world building, support tools, installer, patching, and billing systems. We are truly a self-sufficient company and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

QOL is a privately financed and founder majority controlled company, operating a true virtual environment where their team of more than 40 work together to build the Alganon project and all its support systems remotely.

“QOL is not hosting a public beta for Alganon, instead all beta participants will be either via pre-sales or exclusive beta-key giveaways.” David continues, “we want to focus on the feedback of people who actually have a passion for the game. Public betas often cause this feedback to be drowned out by participants who have no vested interest.”

Alganon Release date has been set!

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