Alganon Trial Server System live


Alganon Trial Server System live
The Alganon Trial Server System is now available for all gamers to experience!
Quest Online announces the launch of the Alganon Trial Server System today giving all gamers a chance to play. Defined by many as a “sleeper hit”, Alganon has been working its way into the market as well as the minds of MMO players since its Soft Launch on December 1, 2009. Created by one of the only independent MMOG studios in North America, Alganon stands as one of the first viable alternatives in the current fantasy MMOG market. Alganon features a fresh new IP as well as state of the art gameplay and technology. Alganon introduces an all-new and ever-growing persistent fantasy world for gamers everywhere to experience and explore.
“We’ve worked hard to remove the barriers that would keep players from experiencing Alganon. With the Trial Server System anyone can experience Alganon anytime. To begin their trial all players need to do is go to and click on the ‘Try Alganon’ button,” said David Allen, President and co-founder of QOL. “The Trial Server System was designed to give players the freedom of experiencing what Alganon has to offer before they decide to join the world as a subscriber.”
Alganon offers a number of unique features in the fantasy-based MMOG genre. The Library system is an online repository of information available to all players and is accessible within the game, allowing the lookup of quests, NPCs, items, creatures, loot tables, resources, tradeskills, and more. The Studies system is a real-time character support progression system where players are rewarded for subscribing, not just playing. In addition to these features, Alganon offers unique, new and rich content, amazing immersion within a vibrant beautiful world, challenging quests, great community, and participation in world-changing events.
David continued, “Alganon offers an experience gamers have been asking for, an alternative to the already-established MMOGs on the market based on a grand world where the Gods define what is to come. Those who play Alganon quickly realize they are part of something much larger than simply ‘choosing a side’. This is the game we want to play and we couldn’t be more excited about the growth of our player base.”

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