All Points Bulletin shuts down just three months after launch

All Points Bulletin shuts down just three months after launch
Neil Kewn (Murxidon) – OnRPG journalist


Realtime Worlds has confirmed that their newly launched MMORPG All Points Bulletin will close despite their best efforts to find a buyer, just three months after the game’s release.


The developers entered administration last month after a lacklustre response to their flagship MMO. Most of the company’s employees lost their jobs following the announcement, with a core team being retained to help run APB. Realtime Worlds were hopeful that a buyer could be found, but it seems as if the plug has been pulled on the online shooter.




The company posted an announcement on the game’s homepage detailing the closure. The game is no longer being sold on the website, and has since been removed from online gaming service Steam. Employees have posted their reaction to the news, and given their final thoughts on the development experience. Ben Hall, who worked as Development QA, said “Press F to apply for Jobseekers Allowance”, the United Kingdom benefits pay-out given to the unemployed.


This is a sad day for MMO gaming. After five years of development the game received a mix reaction upon its release. Players were heavily critical towards the payment model, where customers paid based on how many hours they wished to play for. Even so, the developers did not deserve to lose their jobs just a few months after launch.


According to Eurogamer, the game had 130,000 registered players who paid around $28 a month. It was rumoured that development costs for the game reached over $30 million. The return was not enough to keep the troubled developers from administration, known as bankruptcy in America, and the company now faces liquidation if they do not find a buyer.


An announcement was made via Twitter that the game had gone free to play until the servers were shut down, and encouraged everyone to “enjoy the party”.


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