Allods Online Begins a New Era on February 15th

Allods Online Begins a New Era on February 15th



The new era begins February 15 when Allods Online: Game of Gods strikes North America and Europe, where it is known as Volume 5 in the great saga. The biggest expansion ever to hit this already huge MMORPG features the support-class Bard archetype, a PvP arena that pits teams of 12 against each other, and the deeply layered and dramatic Dead City Raid.



Subdue your foes or boost your allies as a Bard with the power to lay down wide area-of-effect spells or channeled damage-dealing attacks. These versatile combatants can really turn the tide for a party in distress by adding to the whole group’s health, defense, mana, energy, or damage while stripping away harmful battle effects like slow or silence.  They can even paralyze their enemies with a variety of curses, sap their strength and health, or make them flee outright. Elves, Orcs, Xadaganians, and Kanians will be able to take up instruments as Bards and bring the total number of playable classes to 34.



Put all those skills to the test in the new PvP skirmishes which allows two groups of 12 to face off in the brand new Witch’s Hollow arena. Capture and hold special objectives against the enemy team to rack up points: whoever hits the goal first wins the match. Up for grabs is in-game currency that can be traded for legendary gear, Draconic relics, and other valuable items to make a strong character even better.



The warriors of Sarnaut will need every ounce of power to take on the Dead City Raid with its three pathways, swarms of monsters, and ten ancient bosses. Rescue the ruined city but keep your wits about you: death is a real risk against these foes and only those who bring strategy along with strength can triumph. Battle on mounts for the first time, take on an enormous dragon, and discover the secrets of a familiar foe in this master raid for the toughest players.




Allods Online: Game of Gods will reinvent itself with heaps of content to explore and challenges to conquer, but the hardcore MMORPG hasn’t lost its quirky sense of humor (as anyone who’s seen the Orcish Balladeer would agree). Be sure to check out the new video showcasing this updates features to get a real idea of what you’re going to be in for. But why does one video have a troll and crab? For the same reason the level cap will be increased from 47 to 51, of course!

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