Allods Online enters its second European Beta Test Phase

Allods Online enters its second European Beta Test Phase


After a successful first test period, the highly anticipated free MMORPG opens dedicated servers with fully localized game in French and German, as English players start over for a new beta-testing phase

Allods Online is the fantasy space opera MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival and published by Gala Networks Europe in English, French, and German. After the successful completion of the first phase of closed beta testing across Europe, the second phase begins today with the launch of French and German versions of the game.

Gibberlings Versus an Orc



As Allods Online enters its second closed-beta test today, two new European servers are available for players in addition to Isa, the English language server. The server Airin, named after the homeland of the Elven race, welcomes the French community with a fully localised game, while the shard Aro, named after the homeland of the Kanians, awaits the German community.
Beta Features
To celebrate the launch of this new phase of beta testing and the new lands that await conquering, beta access will be granted to thousands of new players who have pre-registered on the official website, or who have received beta keys through giveaways on partner sites. Today also sees the launch of the official Allods Online Guild Portal, where Guild Leaders can create their own page and forums to share photos, videos and much more.
Increased Leveling
For the second phase of closed beta testing, the maximum level will be 20. This will be gradually increased over the coming weeks as subsequent phases of beta testing commence. We can confirm that while a character wipe will take place now, characters created during this second phase of testing will not be wiped in the forthcoming phases of closed beta testing. The next and final character wipe will only occur when closed beta testing ends and the game is ready for official release.
Thanks to feedback from the first beta phase, many changes have been made to Allods Online. Those participating will be required to download new language specific versions of the game client which can be found at the official European Allods Online website.

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