Allods Online Launches Autumn Wind Patch 3.0.5

Allods Online Launches Autumn Wind Patch 3.0.5



Change continues to arrive for Allods Online as Autumn Wind launches today, October 30, in North America.  Experience this season’s updates with the exciting new skirmish Summerhold, the improved crafting professions system, and the complete revamp of the popular sport Goblinball.



Summerhold hurtles into Allods Online’s list of skirmishes with a thrilling new battle and even better rewards. Twelve players must employ four impressive vehicles in taking down a colossal golem, who tramples across the countryside destroying supply chests. The faster players exterminate this mech, the more medals they receive from the remaining chests to buy experience, vanity items, food, and more. Rush headlong against the menace and his army of machines in the Type 59 ST tank, disable the giant’s attacks with the IS-7 Heavy, strike from a distance in the T92 Arty, or scout ahead at blazing speeds with the T50-2 Firefly.



Allods Online’s previous update hinted at major crafting changes when alchemy and herbalism were combined into a single self-sufficient profession.  Those tremendous improvements are now here with the combination of the last remaining crafting professions with their most compatible gathering professions. Blacksmithing merges with mining, and both leatherworking and tailoring will utilize dissembling.  Best of all crafting further improves with an updated interface, tool upgrades, a simplified level progression, and the ability to find patterns for gear that can be created, then upgraded or used for upgrading.



Gear up for a rousing game of Goblinball with a complete revamp of the humorously brutish game.  The traditional Orcish sport, now accessible to fans of all levels, pits two teams of four against each other as they race to kick an unfortunate goblin through the opposing team’s goal. Improved abilities allow the players to kick, charge at, and block the doomed little goblin, who now glows according to which team has possession, while goalkeepers get the special ability to return him to the field. Shin kicks are not out of bounds either, and after each ten minute match players will receive fragments that can be turned into currency for buying experience, crafting materials, and more!



Check out the full details in Allods Online’s weekly patch previews on the official website!

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