Allods Online Undaunted Now Live

Allods Online: Undaunted Now Live



At last, the newest update for AAA MMORPG Allods Online has arrived! Players in both North America and Europe can now dive into Allods Online: Undaunted and get the first taste of the greatly anticipated survival mode, powerful new classes, and an enhanced new player experience. To celebrate, publisher gPotato is giving away boxes of Gem Shards (Boutique Coins in Europe), an alternative Item Shop currency, to each and every Allods player!



The gift boxes contain anywhere from 100 to 1000 gPotatos ($1.00/€1.00 to $100/€100) and were be distributed to all existing accounts on October 12. New accounts made after October 12 will be given one Box of Gem Shards once a character on the account has reached level 20. Get that hat or mount feed you’ve always wanted without paying a cent! Or try out the newly introduced Hall of Changes to revitalize an old character with a new hair style, skin tone, and even gender.



Allods Online: Undaunted has a lot to offer for both new and high-level players, starting with changes to the new player experience which make it easier than ever to enjoy the MMORPG that’s been embraced by over 3.5 million players worldwide. The removal of the fatigue system and adjustments to enemies’ health makes leveling faster but takes none of the bite out of Allods’ famously tough monsters. There’s also a new zone for Imperial players levels 5-6, and two new classes – an Elven psionicist and Xadaganian mage – for both factions to master.



Players at the highest levels will have plenty to enjoy in the Mausoleum of Sparks, a brand new dungeon that introduces a survival mode to Allods Online. The players who kill the most monsters and survive the longest will receive permanent rewards to show off their status! Train to compete in the new zone, Kingdom of Elements, which sports the toughest monsters Allods has ever seen, or practice PvP in the Arena of Death with its improved, join-from-anywhere matchmaking system and always-open schedule.

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