Allods Reveals The Mysterious Gipat Allod

Allods Reveals The Mysterious Gipat Allod

The world of Sarnaut holds many mysteries but the allod of Gipat is perhaps the most mysterios…

Allods Online - Gipat

The allod of Gipat had been lost to the Astral for decades, so it was a great surprise when word reached the capitals that a cryptic black stone had the power to send adventurers to the long forgotten allod.

The adventurers that travel to Gipat are met by a strange little dragon who believes that each and every visitor may be the Chosen One.  In order to prove themselves, players will have to endure a series of trials while following in the footsteps of one of the last June Great Mages, Ath-Zak, or Zak for short.

The first trial is to break a weapon, to show that the Chosen One is dedicated to following the path of Ath-Zak and to prove that his or her mind isn’t fixated on petty wars and violence.  But that is not the only test that a Chosen One must pass…

Gipat is full of mystery and is inhabited by the ghostly apparitions of its former citizens and beasts.   How can ghosts exist with Tensess’ Gift?  What is this curse that is plaguing these poor, unfortunate souls?  Why don’t they remember what happened to them and Ath-Zak?

Do you have what it takes to become the true Chosen One?  Can you unravel the mysteries of this lost and forgotten allod?

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