AlphaBeta Soup 11/3: MechWarrior Online, KingsRoad, WorldAlpha, and More!

AlphaBeta Soup 11/3: MechWarrior Online, KingsRoad, WorldAlpha, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



It’s been a light week in the world of Alphas and Betas. But there was good news for MechWarrior as it was able to work past the issues that was holding it back and it is now in open beta. The last WorldAlpha Alpha weekend has been scheduled to take place November 9. With closed beta weekends scheduled for later in the month and into December. Lord of the Rings Online is now in beta testing for Macs. And finally there is a giveaway going for Kingsroad beta keys.


As ever anything new this week or any changes are in orange in the list below.



OnRPG Giveaways

These are all the beta giveaways currently running on OnRPG. There’s no guarantee that we won’t run out so grab them quick.

Kingsroad Beta Giveaway



Dates Announced:

Below are the MMOs who have announced upcoming beta events that haven’t started yet.


Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn: Alpha applications now being accepted
Rift: Storm Legion: Open Beta November 5 (Open to all Trion Account Holders)
WorldAlpha Alpha & Closed Beta Beginning  November 9
City of Steam: Closed Beta November 16
Kartuga: Alpha November 24th (Event is only for 16 people who will be invited to the studio after a competition)
Arctic Combat: Open Beta December 6
Path of Exile: Open Beta December
Age of Wulin: EU Closed Beta 2013




These games are currently in Alpha. Signups are available via the link.

The Repopulation


Closed Beta:

MMOs which are in closed beta require application and often require approval before access can be gained.

Age of Wulin(EU, Asia) EU in Early 2013
Age of Wushu(US) Ends November 25, Round 2 Begins December 20th
Ascension: Arenas of War
Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict
Born To Fire
Bounty Hounds Online
Dragon Knights
Dragon Nest EU
Dust 514
Marvel Heroes
PlanetSide 2
SmashMuck Champions
Starlight Story
UFO Online
The War Z
World of Warplanes



Open Beta:

Games in open beta require an application but often it is little more than signing up for an account.

Cyber Monster
District 187
End of Nations No current beta event ongoing
MechWarrior Online Now Going
RaiderZ (Founders Pack includes Neverwinter closed beta access)
Soul Captor
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online (Russian)
Universal Monsters Online




These are the beta events for games which are already live. These are for new content which is going to be added to the game at a later date. Access is limited to the current playerbase and often requires special permissions to take part.

Guild Wars 2 Mobile Authenticator
Lord of the Rings Online Mac

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