Altis Gates: Delve into the World of Shapeshifting

Altis Gates has recently wrapped up its closed beta. While the gates to Altis are now temporarily closed in preparation for the next beta phase, the game made quite an impression on all the brave warriors who explored its wonders. If there’s one feature players can’t get enough of, it has to be shapeshifting.

Champions all across the great expanses of Altis have a chance to obtain Shapeshifting Cards by defeating fearsome monsters that roam the land. Unlike classic horror movies in which characters turned into hideous and savage creatures of the night, the shapeshifting feature in Altis Gates allows players to transform into adorable-looking monsters found in the game.

When players use Shapeshifting Cards, not only will their appearance change, but their characteristics and behaviors in combat will even mimic those of their new forms. For example, when a warrior class character turns into a Skeletal Archer, his attacks will also change from melee to ranged attacks. When characters transform into monsters with massive bodies, like Treants or Snow Demons, they will gain added resilience but suffer a decrease to their agility. Shapeshifting is much more than a mere change in appearance.

Shapeshifting Cards not only provide another dimension of gameplay, they also help players level up faster. After using a card, players will enjoy 10 minutes of double EXP. What’s more, it is stackable with other EXP buff effects. If a player already has a double EXP buff, using a Shapeshifting Card will give them a whopping 4 times their usual EXP gain for 10 minutes. With all these great benefits, it’s no surprise Shapeshifting Cards are among the most sought-after items in Altis Gates.

Even now, we are working hard to add even more variations to Shapeshifting Cards to ensure more exciting possibilities for players. What shapes will YOUR hero discover when you enter the land of Altis?

Altis Gates - Shapeshifting Cards have absolutely nothing to do with this screenshot

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