Altis Gates goes into Beta

Altis Gates goes into Beta

Is IGG getting it’s testphases confused? Even though they call it an Alpha test, they are inviting players to it already AND players will be allowed to keep their characters after the test is over. Sounds like a Beta test to us!
Here is the press release from our good friends at IGG:

Altis Gates, IGG’s new 2.5D MMORPG that features shapeshifting, has entered the final preparation phase for its Alpha Test. The game’s official website ( is now live, and IGG has announced that the Alpha Test will begin at 8:00pm EST(GMT-5) on January 19th, 2010. Characters created during the test will be saved so players can use them afterward.

The Alpha Test will be ended at 10:00pm EST(GMT-5) on January 22nd,2010. Its primary purpose is to give players a brief introduction to the magical world of Altis Gates and provide the Altis Gates team with valuable feedback. IGG will be giving away 200 activation codes for the test. Most of those will be given out to media members who have a longstanding relationship with IGG, as well as the company’s most loyal players from its other games. Anyone else who would like an activation code should keep an eye out for events IGG and the team will be holding soon to reward participants with codes.
The Alpha Test version of the Altis Gates client is already available. Players who expect to join the Alpha Test are encouraged to download the client at
Getting a key for this “Alpha test” is as simple as downloading the game client:

We are only giving away a limited number of activation codes for the Alpha Test, so try your best to seize one. But never fear, if you don’t manage to get an activation code for the Alpha Test, there’s no need to feel frustrated because the activation code generator is also be able to generate codes for the soon to be released Close Beta test. In summary, each generator has an 80% maximum chance of generating a code for the Close Beta test and some activation codes will be able to activate two accounts.

Detailed Steps of Getting an Activation Code:
1. First, log in at the Altis Gates’ official website download page ( ) to download the game client.
2. After download is completed, double click on the installation file.
3. After you install the client, find the client folder. Then, please find the icon named Activation Code Generator.
4. Double click the Activation Code Generator. One of 3 things can happen:
?. Congratulations! You have got an activation code. Then, go to the official website to activate.
?. Sorry, you haven’t got an activation code this time. Please try it again tomorrow.
?. You don’t use the Activation Code Generator in the right time.

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