Altis Gates: Sexy Demon Takes on Your Computer Screen!

Recently, the Development Team has specially designed a series of real-life Silver-tongued Demon wallpapers based on the game model. Probably the most well-known boss-level monster in the entire game, the Silver-tongue Demon is a force to be reckoned with. 

The Silver-tongued Demon

Unlike most slimy, mutated boss variants, this head turning, voluptuous boss packs quite a punch; the ability to charm even the most reticent fighters, this is the one boss you might think twice before dispatching. However, you will have a chance to turn this powerful but seductive super Boss into a caring, graceful pet!
Her mesmerizing beauty (as described by the Development Team) is betrayed only by the leathery wings that unfurl from her back and the sinister eye makeup; clearly marking her demon heritage.  She makes use of this ‘natural camouflage’ to protect her while her silver tongue lures unsuspecting warriors to their doom: a combination  with her feminine wiles to confuse and disorient groups of warriors, leading some to come to her defense and start attacking other member’s of their group! Beware this siren of doom!  Even without her natural charm, she is immensely powerful; the demonic enchantments that she weaves into the ears of men are both irresistible and deadly. 
Now feast your eyes upon the REAL version of this demon!

Is her tongue really silver?



Irresistible Power

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