Angels Online: A Wolf in SheepÂ’s Clothing

Last winter, the evil wolves suffered greatly from the extreme cold and lack of food. Hungry and desperate, so the wolves have dropped their usually sneaky and crafty nature and have planned to attack the Angel Lyceum to sate their appetite.

The Angels Online team will be holding the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” event from 10:00am to 10:30am EST (GMT-5) on Feb 7th in the Angel Lyceum. All participating players have a chance to obtain abundant rewards such as Purple Circus Elephant, Skill Crystal, Common Exp Stone, kinds of teleportation scrolls and various fireworks for the approaching Valentine’s Day.

The Most, The Best!
Event Content

GMs in each server will summon a group of Howling Wolves in the Angel Lyceum. Little Angels here should try their best to kill these monsters fast. The top 3 servers which kill the most Howling Wolves within half an hour will be the winners of this event.

Event Content

The monster-killing will last half an hour. After that, GMs will announce the top three servers as winners and then randomly present those players with a gift.

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