Angels Online: April FoolsÂ’ Day Event Preview

As April Fools’ Day is coming around the corner, the Angels Online team will be holding a series of online events to offer all players a chance to enjoy the fun and win abundant rewards. The event will start after the server maintenance on March 26th and end before the server maintenance on April 9th.

Event Details
1. During the event, players have a chance to obtain [Fool Bread], [Fool Cake], [Fool Panocha] or [Fool Layer Food] which are effective within 30 minutes.
2. During the event, players may obtain a [Fool Chest] by defeating level 20+ monsters. Open the chest and players have a chance to obtain a [Fool Lottery]. Players can exchange [Fool Lottery]*100 for a [Fool Treasure Bag] from [Fool’s Day Envoy]. What’s more, production players may obtain a [Fool Point Ticket] by collecting level 21+ materials and they can exchange [Fool Point Ticket]*100 for a [Fool Work Chest] from [Fool’s Day Envoy].
3. A new NPC called [Fools’ Day Clown] will appear in level 20, level 40 and level 60 maps. Players will obtain a surprise if they can defeat him. Don’t worry! Although [Fools’ Day Clown] has abundant HP, he hasn’t learned any skills and his output damage is lower.

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