Angels Online: Blue Sea Overview in Atlantis

Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction on the Blue Sea, a new scene for the ‘Lost Atlantis’ expansion.The mysterious Blue Sea is located to the southeast of Atlantis where the sun rises each day. It is the end of Atlantis.

Blue Sea
At one time, Lucifer built a base in the Blue Sea as part of the fight against Heaven. Many Angels died here for freedom and safety. After Lucifer was defeated, people slowly forgot that the Blue Sea was a busy center of trade and production. It fell into disrepair and became haunted by monsters and demons. These monsters eventually gathered to bring Lucifer back. From a distance, the Blue Sea area seems constantly shrouded in an impenetrable fog. Does this strange and evil land scare away explorers? No way! With the launch of many dangerous expiditions to the Blue Sea, this area’s secrets are being laid bare. Here’s what’s been discovered so far.

In contrast with the bright and beautiful Colorful Coral Reefs, the Blue Sea is dark and chilling. Upon reaching the entrance, a strange eeriness washes over players. The broken hulks of ships and rusting scraps of armor scattered everywhere remind all adventurers of its past, both resplendent and tragic. What’s more, the wasted robots and floating bottles have polluted the environment here, making it toxic for all but the strongest Angels.

Monsters in the Blue Sea
The savage Jellyfish spend their time swimming around under the water looking for mischief. Take care of yourself. Although they float gently, their poison is deadly. You may be hurt by their long feelers if you are careless.

Angel Fish: Their elegance always attracts players who enter the Blue Sea the first time. Pay attention! They possess defensive abilities as high as Swordsmen. Their attacking abilities rival those of Mages even.

Mermaid: In the middle of the Blue Sea, there is a group of Mermaids which have long blue hair. However, they are hostile towards strangers because they have lived here alone for such a long time.

Scale Fish: It is said that they are the surviving support of Lucifer. After Lucifer was killed, they gathered again and tried to launch a counterattack. Be careful! They may attack you from behind or using other dishonorable methods.

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