Angels Online: Christmas Activities

The long-awaited Angels Online Open Beta Test has been launched, and in order to celebrate upcoming Christmas, IGG announce that they will hold the “Christmas Activities” between Dec 19th and Jan 2nd.

Christmas is a very important festival in Eden, because it is a symbol of peace and love. In order to celebrate the most important day of the entire year, Angels will be organizing a big ceremony that will last 2 weeks.

A huge Christmas tree will appear in Eden, and it is said that when it radiates its dazzling light, Eden will be peaceful and full of happiness, and if lovers take an oath in front of the tree, their relationship will last forever.

Everyone in each city is busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas and decorating their Christmas trees, however some loathsome monsters have stolen all the ornaments on the Christmas trees when the Angels were sleeping. People are in a panic, and it’s time for the little angles to do something.

Event Duration:
From EST (GMT-5) Dec 19th 2007 to EST (GMT-5) Jan 2nd 2008

Event Contents:
1. Silvery Date
During the activity, Angels level 10+ can get a special [Night Star] from the Christmas Angel. There are two kinds of stars, one for girls and boys respectively. You can exchange it with an Angel of the opposite sex, and then take it to the Christmas Angel for a Christmas Box. If you make it successfully, you can’t do it again until 24 hours have passed. Hurry up!

2. Lost Sheen
A huge Christmas tree will appear in the open area of the Angel Lyceum, and an NPC called Christmas Angel near the Christmas tree will tell you about the event rules.
Angels will have chances to obtain Xmas Trinkets when they defeat monsters. You should pay more attention to those monsters whose levels range from 21 to 50, because they are probably the criminals. When you collect certain numbers of Xmas Trinkets you can find the Christmas Angel and exchange these Xmas Trinkets for special rewards.
Some monsters dropped trinkets in some remote places, so Angels of collection talent have chances to obtain Christmas balls when they exploit resources which require collection skills level 21 to 41. They can also exchange these Christmas balls at the Christmas Angel.

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