Angels Online: Class Strategy #3 – Bowman

Today, the Angels Online team has decided to make a brief introduction of Bowman.

Angels Online offers 14 distinct classes, including swordsmen, mages and more. Each class has its own unique and charming characteristics. However, if players want to learn cool skills from more than one class, this game helps them do just that. There is no need to create a new character and learn skills. Players can choose the skills that they really want to use from the Skill Angel, an NPC within the game.

As a class which is highly skilled at dealing output damage to their enemies, Bowmen are not so popular in game at the very beginning. Their defense abilities are not as excellent as that of the Swordsmen. They don’t possess AOE skills like the Mages. However, Bowmen are very strong and should not be overlooked, especially when they have formed a team. Bowmen can create far more outstanding output damage than Mages.

How to become an eligible Bowman? Bowmen do not only think about quantity of arrows they let fly but the quality of the aim! There are always Swordsmen, Mages and other class players in a team. While Bowmen can deal out a lot of damage, they should also try to protect the Mages, Priests and others with their distinctive skills.

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