Angels Online: Dumpling Wars

Dumplings have been a staple of Chinese cuisine for hundreds of years. Today, the folks at Angels Online want to share these delicious delicacies with their fellow gamers, so they have prepared a series of special “Dumpling Wars” events so they can enjoy a great snack and grab fabulous rewards.
Bazac is a greedy demon that has summoned the evil legions of the Riddle City army to loot the dumpling ingredients for himself. The army is vast and powerful, but very predictable. They always attack the four main cities at the same fixed time. Gamers should work together to fight them off. If they are successful, they will be rewarded with fabulous weapons and equipment.
During the event, players can pick up ingredients that have been dropped by Level 21+ monsters or by collecting Level 21+ materials to make Dumplings of different flavors. Different dumplings will have different effects, but all of them will be useful in helping to stop Bazac’s attacks.
In addition to this calamitous event, an ancient scholar, Villiersas, has warned the Angels that their precious land is being destroyed from constant battles and the corrupting influence of the Evil Lyceum. He is calling on all Angels to help him rebuild and restore the once pristine environment of Eden. All fighting and production gamers can join in the event and work hard to finish all 4 weekly quests. There are plenty of challenges and rewards waiting for those gamers that help Eden flourish again.
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