Angels Online: Easter Events, Double Rewards

As Easter is coming around, the Angels Online teams have some special online events carefully prepared for all players.
Event I: Fantastic Treasure Bowl
Event Duration
The event will start after the server maintenance on April 9th and end after the server maintenance on April 23rd. It will last for 2 weeks.
Event Content
1.      A new NPC called ‘Lottery Wheel Clerk’ will be added into the Angel Lyceum during the event.
2.      Players can purchase some [Star Silver Coins] from the Item Mall and then take part in the event at the Lottery Wheel Clerk’s.
3.      Players will have a chance to obtain a big surprise from the Fantastic Treasure Bowl. If many players join the event, they may obtain a precious [Angel Treasure] from the bowl.
Event II: Easter bunnies
Event Location
West Playground 2 of the Angel Lyceum
Quest One: Kill the Evil Moon Rabbits
The rabbits that the Demon Bazac corrupted have devolved into Evil Moon Rabbits. Michael wants players to find and kill all 50 of the Evil Moon Rabbits in the West Playground.
Quest Two: Protect Michael
After the Evil Moon Rabbits have been killed, Bazac will be very angry. He will send a lot of monsters to attack Michael and wreck Michael’s plans. All Angels must protect Michael for 15 minutes.
We will present participating players with 200 Dream Pieces and 200 Energy Crystals at random.

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