Angels Online: Events for Beginners

Since more and more players are joining Angels Online ( everyday, the Angels Online team from IGG ( will be holding two special events to help beginning players.
Event 1: Angel Tutoring in the Lyceum
Beginning players can often feel overwhelmed by all the terminology, systems, customs, items and quests they need to know to be successful in game. The Angels Online team wants all their players to feel comfortable about playing, so the AO GMs are going to tutor these beginning players.
Event Duration:
9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 6th Haniel(1)
9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 6th Nisroc
Event Location: All servers
Fore more information please visit:
Event 2: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
The Angels Online team has recently released some items for their beginning players, and these players can buy the items at the very low price of 1 coin from the GMs.
Event Duration:
9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 5th Haniel(1)
9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 5th Nisroc
Event Location: Angels Lyceum A
Fore more information visit:

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