Angels Online: Events for Beginning Players 2

Since the first two events for beginners turned out to be quite successful, IGG today announce they will be holding 2 more events to help beginning players this week, for their newly released game Angels Online which is now at the open beta stage.

Event 1: GM Helps Top Students
Event Contents:
1. After beginning, the GM will wait for all the Little Angels in Training PalaceA1 (161 86).
2. GMs will make a team with four random angels in Training PalaceA1 (161 86) and help them finish the quest.
3. After finishing the quest, GMs will leave the team at once and make a team with another group of four angels.
4. Don’ worry if you haven’t made a team with GM. There is no need to trade with the GM or add him to be your friend during the monster killing. GMs will continually make new teams to meet all the Angels’ needs.
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Event 2: Impossible is Possible
Event Contents:

1. When the event starts, the GM will announce their location.
2. Each time, the GM will join a party with four angels and help them kill the BOSS they’re having trouble with.
3. When the quest is completed, the GM will leave the party and join another party to help them.
4. The GM will continually join new parties (must have four angels) to help out more angels. But it must be mentioned that trading with the GM and adding the GM to your friends list are not allowed while fighting with BOSSes.
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