Angels Online: FAQ

Today Angels Online team has been so kind to answer some frequently-asked questions regarding this popular game published in December, 2007.
Q: What style Angels Online is? Why it is called Angels Online? What kind of background story and the game tone are?
A: Angels Online is a cute 2D MMORPG based on the fierce wars between Angels and Demons which is also the game thread and the origin of the name. As a MMORPG that is popular with most players, Angels Online bends itself to offer players funny in-game quests and a fair game environment. The game graphics are colorful and lovely and most in-game scenes are cute cartoons so that it has attracted a lot of younger players.
Q: In Angels Online, what are different from other MMORPG titles?
A: Angels Online is a cute cartoon game which is different from other MMORPGs. We focused on teenagers and tried to create a game that would attract more female players.
As to the gameplay, players can freely control their characters. For example, they can learn different skills from two different classes. They can change their suits at random. What’s more, we give each player the chance to freely communicate with others via the chat room among different servers and a perfect friend system.
Q: It is an important feature of Angels Online that players can learn different skills of two classes. Can you make a brief introduction about it?
A: Players in Angels Online can learn different skills from two different classes. After they have chosen a class, they can change their skills at random. It means that each character in game is unique. Players from different classes may possess the same skills and even fighting players can learn the mages’ skills. However, they should understand those skills well before they learn them so that they can become a powerful class. Pay attention!
Some skills can’t be learnt at the same time, for example, the Earth skills and the Chaos skills. In addition, the skill level can’t be higher than the character level. The character can only obtain some skills exp when it uses them. Players below level 20 can change their skills with the Skill Angel for free. However, they should pay some money after they are level 20 or above.
Q: Is the quests system important in Angels Online? Have you updated it in time? What features it possesses?
A: The quests system in Angels Online is an important method by which players know the game storyline. Without the quests, players would have to kill monsters and work hard over and over again. In other words, quests stand for the world view of a game. Players can accept a lot of distinctive quests by talking to the many different NPCs, including the main quests which are relevant with the game thread and can only be accepted once, and the branch quests that players can accept again and again to win abundant exp or credits.
Q: What about the community system in Angels Online? How players communicate with each other?
A: The guild system is popular with most players in Angels Online. We even offer all players the Totem Battle which is based on a competition between the guilds. Each scene possesses a faction totem. Each guild is welcome to take part in the Totem Battle in which all guild members should try to occupy a totem so that they can monopolize all materials of the map. After a guild occupies a map, all guild members can trade with local merchants, collect special materials, accept special quests and challenge appointed BOSSes. What’s more, the chat room system in game gives every player the chance to chat freely with others from different servers.
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