Angels Online: Fortune in New Year Event

The Chinese New Year festival is right on the corner. To celebrate the festival, the Angels Online team from IGG will be holding a “Fortune in New Year” event to offer all players a chance to obtain some great prizes!

Prize 1. During the event, there will be two new NPCs, [Mascot Master] and [Magic Miki] in the four cities so that players can exchange event items for prizes.

Prize 2. During the event, players can obtain some [Green Tea Mochi], [Strawberry Mochi] and [Red Bean Rice Cake Soup] by defeating monsters or collecting materials.

Prize 3. During the event, players can steal some [Cheeses] from [Rattraps] in any scene and exchange these for [Prison Tour Tickets] from the [Mascot Master]. With the ticket, players can enter the Rat Country Jail and train themselves by killing monsters and Corpse Flowers there.

Prize 4. Players can exchange [Cheese]*200 for [Ambassador Medal]*1 from the [Mascot Master]. After the event ends, the system will count players’ medals and give rewards to the 10 players with the most medals from each server.

Prize 5. Players can buy a Big Scratchcard (100,000 in-game coins) and a Super Scratchcard (1,000,000 in-game coins) from [Magic Miki] in four cities. What’s more, players can also buy [Bamboo Slips] from the AO Item Mall and ask Magic Miki to predict their future. They may obtain a surprise from Miki too.

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