Angels Online: Golden Beach Monster Overview

Located to the west of Eden, Atlantis is a large scale sea with Puqi Island in the middle of it. With the release of the new expansion, some players have entered the new scenes led by the primary quests. However, players may be at a loss while they face these brand new scenes where monsters are of a higher level and possess high attack and defensive abilities. Players may be killed if they are not ready for these challenges.

Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction about Golden Beach monsters for all players.

Golden Beach is located to the west of Puqi Island. People live and work in peace and contentment here. The tropical thatched cottages can be found everywhere here. Go straight along the road in the middle of the dwellings, and players will find Golden Beach.

Players who come to the beach the first time may receive a warning from NPCs that they should keep away from the Puqi Crabs which possess outstanding attack and defensive abilities. If you are a Mage, it is better to begin a battle from a great distance. However, if you excel in melee, you had better organize a team with a Mage so that he can help you restore your HP.

Apart from native dwellers, Puqi Locals and Puqi Warriors live here as well. They are so rancorous that they even consider Angels from Eden as hells envoys. Players should be careful.

In addition, there are a great number of Color Crabs and Color Whelks on Golden Beach. Players can accept quests from NPCs in Puqi Village and then go to challenge the monsters. It should be easy for you to defeat them if you are Level 80+. However, be careful if you are around Level 60 because Color Crabs possess strong defense and attack abilities and Color Whelks are nuisances. Both Color Crabs and Color Whelks are aggressive and will attack players. It is better to organize a team including a Swordsman, a Priest, a Mage and a random DPS class player.

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