Angels Online: Guide for Grabbing a Top Suit

Along with the release of the higher level underwater instances, players in Angels Online now also have the chance to obtain more drops, including a level 85 suit which may be gained by defeating the fierce BOSSes. A level 85 top suit possesses super attributes as well as cool look. Today, the Angels Online team are happy to make a brief introduction about how to grab a level 85 top suit for yourself.

First, players should defeat the BOSS in the Horrible Lost Region after which they will have the chance to obtain an Energy Source. But beware, this doesn’t mean that players will have 100% chance of getting it. They need to adventure several times to collect enough Energy Sources.

When fighting sometimes players should team up with others to defeat the BOSS together. And although the BOSS here may be more powerful than those in other instances, it is not so difficult for players to complete the quest if they carry enough potions and can work in perfect cooperation with their teammates. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future. Players can get everything they want but only if they work smart and hard!

Production players have it easier as to fulfill their dreams they don’t need to deal with all of the fierce BOSSes to progress in the game. The Horrible Lost Region is an area that is full of a myriad of mines and herbs which, naturally, attract a lot of players. As long as Production Players keep collecting materials they will also have the chance to obtain a Blue Crystal. However, it isn’t all so easy for these players and they should take extra care when collecting materials here. The fierce underwater monsters are deadly.

After players have collected enough Energy Sources and Blue Crystals, they can go to the Sunken Ruins and Make an exchange them for the corresponding suits with the appointed NPCs’. Each suit is simply outstanding with its super attributes.

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