Angels Online: Guide for Newbie in Angel Lyceum

After the release of the new expansion Lost Atlantis, many new players have joined Angels Online. In order to help the new-comers breeze through the leveling test in Angel Lyceum, Angels Online team has decided to make a brief guide today.

After players have created their character, they will be teleported to the Guide Palace and to talk to the NPC, Angel Raphael. Then they can choose a class from the 14 distinct ones. Raphael will tell players about the basic operations, trades, and friends as well as how to restore HP. Players will then be teleported to the Angel Lyceum after they finished the trade with the Angel Aide.

With the help of Director Wolay, players will be able to find the Angel Tutor who will give the players some quests. Players should find the Battle Master, the Magic Master and the Mine Master to finish their first quest in the Angel Lyceum.

After players have got the signatures of the three masters, they can begin to kill monsters and gain the corresponding credits. It takes 5 credits to graduate from the Angel Lyceum. By the way, if players would like to accept the Top Student quest and get the chance to obtain abundant rewards, they should try to gain 15 credits so that they can accept the quest from Michael. Michael will ask players to collect 6 kinds of cores by defeating the Monsters in the Training Palace. Then players should defeat the BOSS Qiuaner. They can obtain abundant rewards from Michael after they finish the quest.

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