Angels Online: Guide for Production System Equipment

Production players are very important in PVP in
Angels Online. The Angels Online team has already introduced the
production professions for all players. Today, the AO team is very glad
to introduce the guide to obtaining production equipment for all
For production players, the way of obtaining equipment is very
different from that of fighting system players. Fighting system players
can obtain equipment by killing monsters or defeating a BOSS with the
help of a team. However, production players are not good at fighting
and they are not necessary in a team.
More than that, enhancing their skill levels by collecting and
manufacturing is not enough if players would like to be an eligible
production player. The weight they can carry and their collection speed
are very important in PVP. Only by enhancing the level of their
equipment can players enhance those attributes. How can production
players obtain superior equipment and what kinds of equipment are
suitable for them?

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