Angels Online: Guild System Introduction

The guild system in Angels Online is closely linked with in-game PVP battles. Only players in a guild are qualified to occupy a totem. Powerful guilds have more chances to grab the best territory, so guild improvement should always be a top priority for successful PVP. Today, the Angels Online team from IGG ( is happy to briefly introduce their guild system for all players.

There are four ranks for guilds in Angels Online. The higher the rank of the guild, the more guild members it can hold. The guild system plays a very important role in Totem Battles, which is basically a competition among guilds. Players can donate certain materials to enhance their guild’s reputation. When their guilds rank is enhanced, the guild can then recruit more guild members. What’s more, the Guild Coffer will be available to all guild members to assist with guild members needs. Only with more guild members and reasonable cooperation among different classes can a guild win the Totem Battle.

Players whose guild possesses a territory can claim an Angel’s Gift Box from the appointed NPC every day. Meanwhile, they can enhance their totem so that they have an even better chance to win battles. Players can enhance their guild’s reputation while they are building defense towers for their totem.

Pay attention! Production players become very important in the process of increasing the guild’s reputation because they can collect the materials which are necessary to level the guild up. The guild’s reputation can be enhanced quickly if there are many players who possess high-level collection skills in the guild. Apart from production players, fighting players and magic players are the main forces in the PVP battles because of their high damage output.

When players’ Angel Credit reaches level 3, players can go find the appointed NPC in the main cities and create a guild by paying a certain amount of in-game money.

The available Outpost Battlefield in Angels Online has proved how important guilds can be in game.

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