Angels Online: Holy Battlefield in New Expansion

As one of three PVP systems in Angels Online, the Holy Battlefield, from the newest expansion, offers players even more PK fun. Players can PK freely here and capture materials just like in the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle systems. Today, the Angels Online team is talking about Holy Battlefield in m ore detail.

When the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis” was released, Holy Battlefield became available to all players. Different from the Totem Battle, it is held on an appointed map and all participants are randomly divided into two groups. That means players from different factions can fight shoulder to shoulder. Not only guilds but also newbie players who haven’t joined any guild can take part in this event. The Angels Online team will be holding the Holy Battlefield four times each week.

During the 15 minutes before the event starts, players must go find the NPC Battle Angel in the four cities and then be teleported to the Sign-up Office. They can sign up to take part in the event from the Holy Battlefield Clerk. The Clerk will randomly divide all participants into the two armies and teleport them to their relative Rebirth Preparation Area.

About the Battle
The system announcement will announce the start of battle. Players from different armies can then freely PK. Remember, it is better for players to make a complete battle plan while they are enjoying the PK. Only the army who captures the most crystals can win the battle.

About Points
1. Kill an enemy: Each player can earn points by killing enemies.

2. Destroy a City Gate: City Gates are the main fortification on the battlefield. Players should work together to destroy the opponent army’s City Gates and earn the corresponding points.

3. Destroy a Statue: Each army possesses 25 Statues. If these statues can be destroyed, then there are a lot of points to be earned.

Also, in order to earn more points, production players can increase their army’s defense by building City Gates and Statues. Crystals will be captured if these defensive structures are destroyed. So each production player in the battlefield should try collecting materials and building defensive structures. The Holy Battlefield means fun for everyone!

In Holy Battlefield, players from the winning army can obtain abundant exp as reward. Don’t worry! Players can still obtain exp according to their point totals, even if they are not a winner.

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