Angels Online: House System Function Overview

Angels Online has your VIP pass into the biggest House Party of the year! As the biggest feature included in the new version, owning a house means a lot to every player. Today the official team is going to share with you all the latest information on the crown jewel of the new version-the House system, and let’s see what it can do for you!
When players get their house, they’re getting more than just 4 walls and a roof. Not that they need a roof over their heads, this is Eden, not Seattle. However, these new houses offer so much more than just a place for your character to stay when your offline, they are a gathering place for friends, a storage facility for your items, and a place for you to unleash the creative designer within everyone. This is a space for players to call their own. A place they are encouraged to personalize as they like, without requirements or rules. The only limits are player’s imagination, and of course, whether a particular piece of furniture is available or not. However, even availability is constantly changing, as the AO team develops more and more furniture to feed the creative monster sure to emerge from players design demands.
Storage Space
In fact, after players get past the superficial decoration features, which are a blast to play with and are sure to keep Angels busy during the dog days of summer, they will find that having a house will make their life so much easier, they’re going to wonder how they ever lived without it. The biggest convenience has got to be the storage space that players now have. Instead of having to journey to one of the main cities to store their things, they can just talk to Maid Eilian in the house and open their warehouse directly. When the house has been upgraded to a certain level, they can even access their Guild warehouse by talking to her. 
Social Gathering Spot
Getting past the basic functions that make houses useful, of which there are many, let’s look at them in another light – as a social gathering spot. IGG and AO spend a lot of time and effort promoting the “community” of players they have and the Ball function fits this mold perfectly. By inspiring players to visit other players houses, and rewarding them for doing so, they are not just encouraging friendly gatherings, but also working to strengthen Guild bonds, and move players past the one dimensional “team up and fight” relationships that so often plague MMOGs.
Mercenary system
Not that teaming up and fighting isn’t still important, it is, and players who find themselves on at odd hours will love the mercenary system. Simply call on Maid Eilian and she delivers a soldier of fortune to you. She is the Jeeves of AO, bringing players whatever they need, even a grizzled mercenary to watch their back when no one else will. Even Google can’t do that for you!
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