Angels Online: Iron Castle Guide

Four factions are available for players in Angels Online to choose from. Players can talk to the Angel Tutor to graduate from the Angel Lyceum after they’ve gained enough credits. After the graduation, players will have to choose a faction and accept the main quests from that faction.

Iron Castle is located in the northeast of Eden. It is a firm castle standing high on a desert wasteland of pale yellow sand, where even a single blade of grass would feel lonely. It is a high-tech building because of its high defense and attack abilities designed by the super engineers who live there.

Working machines which guarantee the normal operation of the city can be found everywhere in this square castle. This monstrous castle contains three floors, with the bottom one being the main work area for scientists to research the technological breakthroughs. General players are not allowed to pass through there, it is barred to anyone who has not earned the highest honors from the Iron Castle.
The middle floor is available to all players. They come from all over the world and gather here to consult on strategies about how to protect their territory. The top masters from all the classes can be found here as well. What’s more, the Bank Clerk, Ride Merchant and Robot Merchant are always ready to serve players.
In the northwest of the castle, players can find the Iron Castle Angel, and from here they will begin their adventures in Eden. Passing through the stairs on the second floor, players can arrive at the third mysterious floor, which is currently closed to all. It is said that elite army personnel are stationed here. Only when there’s a big disaster will these elites come out to save their home.

How amazing it is to watch such superbly exquisite building craft while wandering around the castle. How respectable these cautious and conscientious people are. Although the materials they require are limited here, scientists are able to make this oasis flourish by using underground deposits of coal and oil.

Players who choose the Steel Faction have the same indomitable spirit as the Iron Castle possesses. Only this spirit and the constant efforts of the people within prevent this whole structure, and the way of life it supports, from collapsing on the soft, shifting sands it sits on.

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