Angels Online: League in the Totem Battle

The Angels Online ( Totem Skirmish has been opened to players, now the Totem Battle will be coming soon. During the Totem Battle, players will fight for their league and glory. IGG’s AO team will make a detailed introduction about the League involved in the Totem Battle.
In the Totem Battle, every league will defend their totem, which stands for their power, against others need to seize the totem. Along with growing of the league, more players will be attracted to join. Meanwhile the league safe box will be open to players, and players can donate resources to the safe box so as to improve the league’s reputation.
Speaking of reputation, players who choose production as their class play a significant role in improving the leagues reputation, because only they can collect resources. So the more these players are in a league, the quicker this league’s reputation will be improved. Players who choose to fight and wield magic as their class play a pivotal role in PVP during the Totem Battle.
When players’ contributions reach level 3, they can found their own leagues by finding the League Clerk (NPC) in each city and paying him 80,000 coins.

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