Angels Online: Lost Atlantis Scene Overview- Coral Reefs

Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction to the amazing Colorful Coral Reefs.

There is a mysterious sea area called the Colorful Coral Reefs at the headstream of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located to the southeast of Puqi Island. Players will arrive at the Colorful Coral Reefs first after they learn the diving skill from the NPC “Surfer Veifu” at Puqi Island.

Because of its favorable geographical position, a warm ocean current passes through here each summer bringing a sense of vitality everywhere. Underwater materials are in abundance here. Locals from Puqi Island always fish here because the best fish gather here each year. That is one of the most important sources of income for them.

Due to the natural form of the land, coral stretches far out under the water. The water here is not very deep because the Colorful Coral Reefs are the entry to the sea and keep the sandy bottom from eroding. Under the sunshine at noon, the coral shimmers with a beauty that’s breath-taking. Players who are skilled at diving can feast their eyes on the beautiful shifting coral.
Apart from the abundant fish, there are affluent plants as well. Players can collect Spot Alas, Lycosa Den, Primrose and others. Players who like digging mines should come here.

Explore the coral and players can find a lonely girl called “Mermaid Alice” to the southwest. It is said that she is good at manufacturing Music Boxes. If players can help her collect enough materials, they may obtain a beautiful Music Box from her.

“Cupid” always waits for players near Mermaid Alice. Players can set a place for the revival here.
The four factions’ totems are on the way to the Blue Sea. Players can have a rest here if they are tired of killing monsters.

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